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Teaching of Vocabulary

We know that teaching children new vocabulary is essential if they are to achieve their best in school. All children in school are explicitly taught vocabulary through their class novel and theme lessons. KS2 also access an online programme called Bedrock Vocabulary. 


Children have repeated exposures to both tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary through the planned approach to vocabulary teaching so that they are able to develop connections between words, their meanings and their origins. Children engage with words in real-life contexts and are encouraged to use new vocabulary accurately in their independent writing. 


Throughout all of our learning, we focus on the explicit teaching of academic verbs. These are displayed on the vocabulary trees in each classroom and can be referred to in all subjects. We know that academic verbs are a key part of a child’s learning and are a vital part of preparing them for KS3.   


The 'six steps' of Bedrock are used in all classes in school and Y3-6 have three weekly lessons in our ICT suite engaged in the Bedrock online programme. This programme is designed to ensure that children are re-visiting and building upon their language learning week on week. Children love the interactive nature of this work and are developing a love of language and words which can be seen in the vocabulary choices they make in writing.  

Click here for our English policy and Handbook

Our vocabulary curriculum map for EYFS can be viewed here.

Our vocabulary curriculum map for KS1 and KS2 can be viewed here.

Further information about Bedrock please click the icon below:

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