Sunstones and Sunshines F1 and pre-F1 class

Hello, we are Sunstones. We really enjoy learning and exploring together through our play.  So far this year we have learned about traditional tales and pretending we are the characters by using the props and repeating the phrases. We really enjoyed exploring our environments with our Mummies and Daddies looking for the characters that were hidden around the room; we are still looking for the fox!


In our class we always try our best especially when developing our pencil control through disco dough and funky fingers to help us when writing our names. We are Sunstones Superstars in Maths and we are really exploring the value of a number starting at 1 and working up to 6, thinking of different ways to make that given amount.


We are all trying to get better at being independent and having a go without our help from our teachers. We love exploring the investigation area and the curiosity cube this is really helping us develop new words and learn more about the world around us. The talking table is really helping us with our speaking skills when we are looking at objects and saying the object name correctly.


We are all really active outside especially on our new equipment. The climbing frame really helps our gross motor skills. We are getting better at taking turns on the bikes and scooters and remembering to share the equipment in the mud kitchen.

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plan for 2019-20.