Welcome to Sunstone class!


Mrs Burgin

Mrs Gallacher

Ms Nicholls

All about us:

Sunstones is a great class for you to begin your learning journey.

We have lots of staff in the Preschool that you will enjoy meeting.

In Sunstones you will have lots of hands on experiences when learning through play but you will also have lots of fun learning about maths, phonics and developing lots of different skills.

We also explore and develop our fine motor skills through Disco dough and funky fingers activities and our speaking and understanding through talking tables activities and Listening Lola.


At school we like…

Mrs Burgin loves maths and also Disco dough and will teach you some of her fantastic moves!

Mrs Gallacher loves Beat Baby activities, reading lots of exciting stories and teaching you new songs to sing.

Ms Nicholls loves being outside developing your gross motor skills and also helping you grow in confidence with your talking.

Next year we are looking forward to…

Getting to know you and your family whilst you are in Sunstones.

We are really excited about watching you grown and develop through your learning and finding out what you like and what you would like to explore!