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At Wath Victoria we believe that children have an entitlement to high quality and well-planned reading provision.


We provide a reading rich environment throughout school. Children in all classes enjoy novels read by the class teacher, participate in guided reading sessions, whole class shared reading, individual reading and reading across other areas of the curriculum. This gives the children the opportunity to develop prosody and extend their vocabulary, whilst learning a variety of other reading skills. Rigorous planning for reading enables children to develop and enhance comprehension skills. Carefully matched decodable phonics books are used for guided reading with children who are accessing phonics lessons. Every child’s Reading Entitlement shows the different reading activities in each phase of school.

Attainment in reading is regularly assessed by measuring progress towards Early Learning Goals in EYFS and using Rising Stars ‘PIRA’ assessments from Year 1 upwards. Frequent assessment for learning by teachers also ensures additional support can be given where needed.

Home reading opportunities are enhanced by providing all children accessing phonics with an e-books login for Collins Big Cat resources. These books match their phonics lessons and give the children the chance to read fluently and with prosody at home. Children who have completed their phonics programme are provided with a reading book to take home which matches their reading ability. All home and school reading is recorded using the ‘GoRead’ digital reading record app, which allows for quick and easy recording whilst keeping a record of the child’s reading throughout their time at Wath Victoria.

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