Dojo Rewards 

Dojo points are awarded to children for following our three golden rules; ready, respectful and safe. There are also two special dojos: 'over and above' and the #HTdojo. The 'over and above dojo is awarded to pupils who go that extra mile in school and it is worth 2 points. The #HTdojo is awarded by the Headteacher to children who show excellence in a particular area of school life, skill or activity. 

We celebrate each class's dojo achievements. Each pupil's individual dojo points go towards the class total and each class has a target to reach in order to win a special treat. Individual success is important, but collaborative goals and aspirations develop the #TeamWV ethos that we are proud of.

Children are currently building their dojo points in each class for their Christmas party celebrations, party goodies and special treats.

Class Dojo.jpg

Dojo team reward - an afternoon youth club in the hall.


Fun outdoors