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Early Reading and Phonics

At Wath Victoria Primary School we are passionate about reading. Our aim is for every child to be a reader by the end of Key Stage 1, inspiring  a lifelong love of reading. 

Early reading skills are taught from Pre-School and Foundation 1, with the aim of giving children a love of books and storytelling. Throughout Foundation 2 and Year 1, phonics is taught using the Little Wandle for Letters and Sounds Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme. Children in Year 2 and Key Stage 2 who require additional phonics instruction are taught using this programme, also.

Phonics lessons are taught daily, with the children being taught in ability groups across each phase.

Progress in phonics is closely monitored and reviewed frequently. Any additional support is quickly identified and interventions and keep-up sessions are put in place as needed. Children have access to a range of high quality, fully decodable phonics reading books in school and the same ebooks to use at home.

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Further help and advice:

Information for parents about Little Wandle for Letters and Sounds: 

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