Onyx Class Y3/4


Our staff are Mrs Nutley and Mr Dempsey.

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Hello, we are Onyx Class. We really enjoy all of our learning and this year so far we have proved ourselves to be champion swimmers!


In our class we are always ready, respectful and safe and we always give very helpful feedback to our friends.


We are all trying to be the best learners we can be, but think that we are already really good at swimming because we all achieved fabulous results.


Our favourite sports sessions are with Rotherham United because they do lots of different sports with us.


We have loved reading The Iron Man and we would really like to read Harry Potter before we leave this school. 


In this class, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older:


·       Horse riding instructor

·       Doctor

·       Teacher

·       Footballer

·       Author

·       Gymnast

·       Archaeologist

·       Actor

·       Fire fighter

·       Vet

·       Serve in the armed forces

·       Zoologist

·       Early Years teacher

·       Palaeontologist

·       Lord Sugar’s apprentice

·       Scientist

·       You Tuber

·       Ballerina

·       An X-Factor judge

·       Chocolatier