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Welcome to Onyx Class

Hello from Onyx Class. Here is some information all about us! Working in Onyx this year is Miss Ellor and Miss Cunningham. 

We are really excited about our amazing learning this year! In our class, we always follow the three school rules (ready, respectful and safe) and always have high expectations in our work. Our favourite subjects are Maths, Reading, Science, Art and PE and we enjoy being challenged in our learning.

We love investigating and planning experiments in science and are looking forward to learning about Force and Friction and discovering what materials attract or repel from magnets.

We are really good at listening to instructions and at working in groups because we enjoy supporting each other. We know that if we believe in ourselves and inspire each other, then we will be successful learners.

Our favourite sports are football, basketball, dance and gymnastics. We love to do physical activities and know it is important to keep our bodies strong.

We are enjoying reading The Twits by Roald Dahl. It is a book about a couple who like to think of clever nasty tricks to play on each other. First it was Mrs. Twit putting worms in Spaghetti and now Mr. Twit wans his revenge.

In Onyx, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older: author, artist, footballer, policeman, gamer, vet, teacher and engineer. 

Adios amigos!

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