At Wath Victoria, we follow a mastery approach to maths. This enables the children to become confident when using their maths skills. We do this through encouraging the use of practical resources, pictures and varied representations of problems, as well as through discussing their thinking and reasoning. Children are encouraged to make connections between different areas of mathematics so they are able to make independent decisions when solving problems. 

We teach children to choose the most effective arithmetic methods in line with their developmental stage. We use our own policy ( found here) to ensure a clear progression in knowledge and skill from EYFS to Y6 to ensure that by the time children leave us for the next stage of their education they are fluent and confident mathematicians.

We use the NCETM (National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Maths) to support our teaching of mathematics and our staff are part of local maths hub work groups and CPD groups to ensure that we are looking at how to use best practice in current maths teaching in our classrooms. Our teaching progression in all maths strands follows the NCETM progression maps, examples of which can be seen below:

NCETM progression map - place value

NCETM progression map - addition and subtraction

NCETM progression map - multiplication

Maths working wall.png
F2 maths.png
KS1 maths.png
KS2 maths.png