Welcome to Quartz class!


Mr Parker       Miss Wassell

Hello and welcome to Quartz class!

We are incredibly excited for all our learning through this year as we will be learning about the plague and going on a trip to the village of Eyam. We have other amazing themes that we are doing later in the year such as space and comparing the USA vs UK.

We are all follow our 3 golden rules of Ready, Respect and Safe. We know what these rules mean and why they are so important. We also follow our school’s motto of Aspire, Believe, Achieve! and work hard in all learning to ensure that we all achieve our goals.

We love to read! We have enjoyed reading class novels like Children of Winter and also enjoy our end of the day book. A favourite has been I swapped my brother on the internet. We are really enjoying the humour and some children are wishing they could do the same!

Block 3 Newsletter.