Quartz Class Y5/6

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Our staff are Mr Parker, Ms Wassell and Ms Redfern.


Hello, we are Quartz Class. We really enjoy learning and working together. This year so far we have learnt about lots of different things. We really enjoyed learning about electricity and loved our visit from the AMRC as she brought amazing equipment we could make circuits with. We have also enjoyed our work on the Plague, linked with our day out at Eyam, and conducting our mould experiment: the results were disgusting!


In our class we always try our best. We work hard to follow our school rules and love moving our names on the recognition board for being ready, respectful and safe. We are always kind to each other and we love working in groups.


We are all trying to get better at something. One of our class targets is to improve our writing, our timetables knowledge and improve our speed of work . But we think that we are already really good at science and history because they are our favourite lesson. We love investigating and solving big questions. We recently learnt about how the village of Eyam sacrificed itself to ensure the safety of others. Can you imagine living in those times?


Our favourite sports are gymnastics and team games because we are competitive and enjoy a challenge. We love fit in 15 because it gets our hearts pumping and is really fun.


We have loved reading The Children of Winter together at Wath Victoria as our visit to Eyam helped us to really put ourselves in the shoes of the characters. We enjoyed the anticipation of opening our daily presents. Our new class books are in a special box in our classroom and we even have a waiting list for some books!


In this class, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older: doctor, dentist, teacher actress, mechanical engineer, zoologist and an architect.