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Welcome to Sunbeams class!

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Miss Dawson

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Mrs Jones

All about us

Sunbeams is a great class for you to begin your learning journey. 

We have lots of staff in the Preschool that you will enjoy meeting. 

In Sunbeams you will have lots of hands on experiences when learning through play. You will also learn to count, develop your listening skills in phonics and learn and develop new skills through play. 


We also explore and develop our gross motor skills through squiggle whilst you wiggle activities and our speaking skills through talking tables activities and Listening Lola.  


At school we like… 

Miss Dawson  really enjoys teaching you lots of new and exciting things such as Maths and Phonics. She also enjoys developing your fine motor skills and developing your Speech and Language skills. 

Mrs Jones loves Listening Lola activities and helping you with your speaking and listening. 


Next year we are looking forward to… 

Getting to know you and your family whilst you are in Sunbeams. 

We are really excited about helping you start your learning journey and watching you achieve through your learning 

As your key person we look forward to finding out what you like and what you would like to explore! 


Class information

2year provision Morning Session Times:       08.30 am to 11.15 am -11.30 am (Door closes at 08.45 am)  


We offer places in our Preschool for children who have turned 2 years and qualify for the 2 year funding.   Help paying for childcare: Free education and childcare for 2-year-olds - GOV.UK (


For Sunbeams, the children will need to bring a bag with a spare change of clothes, a water bottle and outdoor clothing such as a waterproof coat and a pair of wellington boots.   



Phonics in Sunbeams

In Sunbeams, children enjoy learning Nursery Rhymes and Voice Play songs. Rhymes sensitise a child to the individual units of sound that make up a word. The rhythms present in Nursery Rhymes help children to remember the words, exercising their auditory memory skills.      

To develop children’s listening and communication skills. including their vocabulary, to prepare them for reading and writing in the next phase/level, we undertake a range of activities such as Listening Lola and Squiggle While you Wiggle.  

If children do not fully develop these skills it can mean that they may struggle to hear the individual sounds in words which can mean children find it much harder to spell and blend sounds for reading. 

During Level 1 children will develop their listening and communication skills through 7 aspects: 

  1. Environmental sounds 

  1. Instrumental sounds 

  1. Body percussion 

  1. Rhythm and rhyme 

  1. Alliteration 

  1. Voice sounds 

  1. Oral blending and segmenting 

Useful information  


What to expect















Development Matters  







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