Topaz Class Y3/4


Our staff are Miss Moss, Miss Shaw, Mrs King and Miss Frame.

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Hello, we are Topaz Class. We really enjoy doing Art and Jigsaw PSHE.

In our class we always try our best and are always ready, respectful and safe!


We are all trying to get better at our handwriting and we work on it every day. We think that we are already really good at Maths because we work really hard and learn lots of different strategies. We have also worked really hard to learn our times tables.


Our favourite sports are football and gymnastics because we have learnt a lot about these in our P.E lessons.


We have loved reading  The Twits at Wath Victoria, and we would really like to read and do some work around Harry Potter before we leave this school. 


In this class, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older:

  • Fire fighter

  • Police officer

  • Dance teacher

  • Nurse

  • Vet

  • Gymnast

  • Swimmer

  • Zoo keeper

  • Teacher

  • Astronaut

  • Football Player

  • Performer

  • Doctor  

Here is a link to our learning plan for 2019-20