Rubies Class Y2


Our staff are Miss Maddison and Mrs Calland.

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Hello, we are Rubies Class. We really enjoy learning new things and working hard. This year so far we have enjoyed writing  letters to the Jolly postman and researching great and ghastly events such as the great fire of London and WW1 and WW2. We have also really enjoyed reading The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and writing our own stories about the little five.


In our class we are always respectful towards everyone by being kind and helpful and listening to others. We always aspire to do our best and make sure we challenge ourselves with perfect presentation and by going over and above. We  are also always ready to learn.


We are all trying to get better at writing by working hard in SPaG; we’ve made fabulous progress this year already with our writing. We would also like to get better at PE too by improving our games skills but think that we are already really good at Maths because we have some really good efficient strategies and we are very good at reasoning in maths.


Our favourite sports are football and hockey because we have really enjoyed practising the skills in PE and going to the competitions too. We have also really enjoyed working with Mr Batham at break times and doing #Fitin15.


We have loved reading the Twits  at Wath Victoria, and we were really inspired by this book so we would really like to read more Roald Dahl books like The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Fantastic Mr Fox before we leave this school. We also can’t wait to read Granny Norbag’s next adventure. 


In this class, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older:





Football manager

Police officer





Bus driver


Rugby player




Cow girl