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Rubies Class 

Mr Hawkins.jpg

Mr Hawkins

Mrs Steele.jpg

Mrs Steele

Hello from Rubies Class.

The teachers inside Rubies class this year is Mr Hawkins and Mrs Steele.

Over this first term we are becoming more independent and taking more ownership over our work. We are able to follow our school rules of ready, respectful and safe superbly and we love our learning.

We have particularly enjoyed our first theme block on Amazing Africa. We have learnt about some of the different countries and animals in the continent and can’t wait to find out more.

We also love our P.E lessons and Fitin15 sessions (we are an active bunch). We have been developing our knowledge of skills in invasion games and have been applying this learning in to our playtime games.

We absolutely love our English learning on Meerkat Mail. We have already done some amazing writing and can’t wait to carry on with the story and see what other amazing work we can create.

We cannot wait to show you all the fun things that we have been up to!

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