Sapphire Class Y1/2


Our staff are Mrs Harris, Miss Scrivens, Mrs Steele, Mrs Williams and Miss Shaw.

Here is a link to our learning plan for 2019-20

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Hello, we are Sapphires Class. We really enjoy  learning new things and this year so far we have learnt about weather in different parts of the world, including where Sunny the Meerkat lives.


In our class we always aspire to do our best, we are kind to one another and we always keep ourselves and others safe.


We are all trying to get better at our cursive handwriting and using adjectives in our sentences but think that we are already really good at reading fluently because we are practising a lot at school and at home.


Our favourite sports are football and skipping because they help us to get fit. We really like our #fitin15 sessions.


We have loved reading about Sunny the Meerkat and choosing our end of the day book. We are looking forward to reading some Roald Dahl books this year.


In this class, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older:

  • Footballer

  • Vet

  • Dancer

  • Teacher

  • Police Officer

  • Author

  • Scientist

  • Astronaut

  • Nurse

  • Artist

  • Doctor