Diamond Class

Our learning plan for 2019-20

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Class Teacher:            Mrs Naylor

Teaching assistants:   Mrs McLay and Ms Nichols


Hello, we are Diamonds Class. We really enjoy learning and working together. This year so far we have learnt about lots of different things. We have been learning about Sunny the Meerkat and the weather in Africa. Sunny has been to our school to find a new place to live! We enjoyed walking to the library to see if Wath would be a good place for a meerkat.


In our class we always try our best. We work hard to follow our school rules and love putting our pictures on the recognition board for being ready, respectful and safe. We are always kind to each other and try to be polite and respectful to everyone.


We are all trying to get better at something. One of our class targets is to improve our writing and spellings. We are getting really good at finding different ways to make numbers. We love investigating and solving big questions. We recently learned that doors used to be alive!


We are working on our aiming and controlling the ball in PE. We love fit in 15 because it gets our hearts pumping and is really fun.


We have loved reading Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Book and The Smartest Giant in Town! We’ve also had a visit from the person who wrote Granny Norbag. It was really funny and we loved making our own characters and comic strips.


In this class, we are ambitious; here are some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older: a doctor, a gymnast, a wrestler, police officer, trampoline trick, baseballer and an Olympic swimmer!