Opal Class

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Y6 visited Crucial Crew to learn about keeping safe and risk-taking

Our staff are Miss Adams and Mrs Wake.

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Hello, we are Opal Class. We really enjoy English (our favourite areas are Bedrock and writing), Maths and being creative – especially learning the ukulele! So far this year, we have written letters linked to the novel we studied, written setting descriptions and produced a narrative. In maths, we have secured our knowledge of place value through rounding, ordering and comparing really big numbers!


One of our favourite memories up to now is from when we visited Eyam because we learned more about the history of the plague and how it spread through the village. We also enjoyed going to Crucial Crew as we learned about potential dangers, managing risks and how to stay safe in an emergency.


The funniest moment so far this year was a wasp attack! We were all frightened and hoped Mrs Wake would save the day. It turns out, she was the most scared out of us all! We think the wasp wanted to learn with us as it wouldn’t leave!


In our class we enjoy most aspects of learning, we participate in class discussions and we include all members during group work. We aim to always follow the school’s three golden rules: ready, respectful and safe.


We have loved reading Children of Winter by Berlie Doherty. We really enjoyed the part when mum saved the children from crazy Maggie Hoggs – it was quite scary! We also thought it was amusing when Dan ate so many blackberries he was sick. We would really like to ensure we finish our home time novel The Fastest Boy in the World.


We have improved our listening skills this year and can follow instructions carefully. This is helping us to prepare for secondary school. We do feel that we are fabulous at working together, writing stories and being imaginative. Year 6 children in Opals Class are independent learners who particularly enjoy finding out new facts during research tasks.


Our favourite sports are football, dancing, dodgeball, tennis, basketball, rugby and hockey. Some of us practise these skills outside of school as well as swimming and rock climbing.