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Science is a key part of our curriculum and is planned progressively across school. Every year we have a focused science week where the whole school works on the same theme, often linked with developing technology and engineering skills. Examples have been designing protective packaging for an egg being dropped from height, designing and building a spaghetti bridge to hold as much weight as possible and working in association with the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) at Sheffield University we designed a car to a specification and testing the prototypes.

Our science curriculum is taught discretely and also linked to themes in some learning blocks. For example, learning about micro-organisms in UKS2 is taught within the theme of rich and poor and is closely linked to the novel study of the Children of Winter, and a visit to Eyam in Derbyshire, where the first victims of the plague lived in the 17th Century​. 


Click here for our science progression document.

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