Welcome to Wath Victoria Primary School

Wath Victoria Primary School is a happy and caring 2-11 primary school which aims to be the hub of the local community. Along with high quality teaching and learning in the classroom, we offer our children a wide range of out- of-school experiences through our broad and varied curriculum and a strong ethos of inclusion and support for our children and families. Our values of aspire, believe, achieve are visible across school through our learning environments, some of which you can see on this website, and through the work of staff and pupils who always aim to give their best and strive for more.


As a member of the James Montgomery Academy Trust, we are part of a number of innovative initiatives in teaching and learning, including explicit vocabulary teaching using the Bedrock platform, teaching for maths mastery, using SOLE to encourage independence and autonomy in our learners and developing a growth mindset culture in our school community. I firmly believe that our school is a learning community for everyone within it, where staff and children learn together, reflect on their work and set aspirational goals for themselves and each other.

I am exceptionally proud of the work that we do at Wath Victoria. We have recently been awarded a number of accreditations which reflect the commitment we have to health and well-being in school: the gold Rotherham anti-bullying award, the Carnegie School of Mental Health Silver Award, Healthy school's bronze award and the School Games Platinum Award. We are also a MusicMark school, showing our commitment to developing musicality in school. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and we know that we can only do that with the support of our families, our hard-working governing body and each other. If you would like to see our work in action, please contact us. 

Mrs Clare Miller

Head Teacher

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