Wath Victoria's School Day

Note: We are currently operating staggered start and end times in line with our COVID risk assessment. Communal assemblies are not currently happening.

Key Stage 2 - Year 3 to Year 6

Children are collected from the playground at 8.45am by their class teacher. 

Y3/4 break time - 10.25am - 10.40am        Y3/4 lunchtime 12.00-12.45pm

Y5/6 break time - 10.40am - 11am             Y5/6 lunchtime 12.30-1.15pm

School finishes at 3.05pm for KS2.

F2 and Key Stage 1 - Year 1 and Year 2

Parents and carers can support morning work in the classroom from 8.50am-9am.

Y1/2 break time - 10.10am - 10.25am

Y1/2 lunchtime - 11.45am-12.30pm

F2 lunchtime - 12.00-12.45pm

School finishes at 3pm for F2 and KS1.

Pre-school sessions

8.45am-11.45am - morning session for F1 and sunbeams

12.15-3.15pm - afternoon session for F1 and sunbeams.

Collective worship for F2 to Y6 takes place on Monday and Friday. Friday is our popular Hall of Fame assembly where we celebrate in-school and out-of-school achievements.

KS2 assembly is Wednesday.

Class performances and assemblies usually take place on a Thursday.