World Book Day 2018 

This year's theme for our World Book Day was 'Book at Bedtime'. Children dressed in their pyjamas and read bedtime stories with parents in the hall throughout the day. We also shared tips on improving reading skills at home with parents. It was a wonderfully attended event and we had whole school 100% attendance as children excitedly shared books with their adults, peer readers and staff. We love reading!



On World Book Day, Amethyst Class looked at the story of Pandora’s Box linked to Greek Mythology.

They read the story and discussed whether Pandora was right to open the box that allowed evil to enter into the world. Would you open the box?

They then made their own boxes and created evil words and released them. After that, they refilled the box with kind, caring words.

World Book Day 2019

Onyx class and Opals class were inspired to create their own class books, whilst KS1 hid their new reading spine books behind brown paper and had to vote on which one to read using just the clues on the covers. We remembered that the cover of a book does not tell the whole story and as Mary Poppins says "the cover is not the book, so open it up and take a look!":

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