The VEX Robotics Competition At The A.M.R.C 

By Reece Y6


I got to school with 2 of my other teammates because some other people were getting dropped off where they needed to be. Mrs Mackinnon took us to Montgomery Hall which was where we were all meeting for the coach. As soon as we got there, we got on the coach, which was leaving at 8:30 a.m., and it took us about 30 minutes to get there. It was very cool because the Rolls-Royce factory was right opposite the A.M.R.C. They don’t just work with Rolls-Royce though, they also worked with N.A.S.A, Boeing, Google and other companies that billions of people use every day. We got inside and were given lanyards with our names and the name of our school on - at that moment, I felt quite proud to be in my school. We walked up 3 floors of stairs, which was very tiring. When we got inside, it was a massive office with drinks like juice, tea and coffee and there were also biscuits too. There were 4 robotics pitches. 2 of them for practising, and the other 2 for playing actual games. There was around 60 or 70 games throughout the whole day. Even though we came second to last out of 13 teams, we still had lots of fun and one person from our team won a raffle and got a big box of hotweels. We definitely would all want to go back for our next competition, which is at the same place in about 3 weeks. We plan in the next few weeks to build the claw which helps us get more points and to put in L.E.D lights.

Update: It is 16/01/2020 and it is 3 weeks on Monday until the next competition, which is at the same place. I have nearly finished building the claw whilst my other teammates have been helping me find the pieces to do so. All we need to do now is the motor which is already half done. If we get the claw done by then (which is quite likely) we will try to get some L.E.D lights on.


It is 06/02/2020 and the 2nd competition was 2 days ago. We arrived at Montgomery hall again, some children being dropped off by their parents and some children being dropped off by Mrs Mackinnon (the Deputy Head teacher). This time, we were competing with fewer schools; Wath Central, Wath C of E, Our Lady And St. Joseph’s etc. When we got to the AMRC again, we did the same events but this time to see if we would qualify to get to go to Telford (to the west of Shrewsbury) for the Semi-Finals. We were off to a good start with the average score of about 40-50 which was the same as the best score of the winners last time. We were extremely excited but didn’t want to get our hopes up just in case we didn’t win anything (even though it is the taking part that matters).

At the end of the day, which was about 2:45, as we finished earlier, they were going to announce the awards and then the winners who would qualify. They announced the design award which we thought we would get as we had changed so much to the robot in 2 weeks (L.E.D lights, a claw and a lift-able grabber) but Wath Central won that award. Then next they announced the Judges’ Award which is the judges favourite group. There was a big silence…………… And even more silence……… But then…… ROBOTIC REAPERS! YES! We had just won the best award we could possibly get! I couldn’t have been more proud of myself and my teammates.

 After that, they announced the raffle ticket winners as we had all received one at the start of the day again. To our surprise, we had all (except for two of us) won a raffle prize . I got a star wars coding book that I can use on can scratch, someone else got sweets and other people did too. We all shared the sweets (they were Haribos) and ate them all on the coach.

Even though we didn’t qualify to Telford, we all had a great amount of fun and I think that we could all agree that we would all go back in year 7. On our last session together (the day after the competition), we were all very sad that we couldn’t do the group together anymore. Anyway, we watched Netflix and got food like mini sausages, scotch eggs, cheese strings and more. We will be doing an assembly of the robot and how we use the robot in front of the whole school tomorrow (Friday 7th of Feb) and we are very excited!

By Reece Y6